Karnaugh Map Minimizer

This page provides a tutorial on using Logic Minimizer to simplify the Boolean expression, F(A,B,C,D) = A+(B(AC)'+D)' by the Karnaugh map method.



The Karnaugh map has been minimized and the answer is A+B'D'.

Other Tasks

Drawing circuit diagram

To draw the circuit or logic gate diagram of the minimized expression, click on Circuit on the on the top panel. In the Circuit window, click on Draw.



Finding the simplified expression using Boolean laws and theorems

Alternatively, you may  simplify Boolean expressions using laws and theorems of Boolean algebra. On the main menu, click on Tools and select Step by Step Solver. Enter  A+(B(AC)'+D)' in the Enter Formula box. For better understanding of the simplification process, select Elaborate from the Details drop-down menu. Click on Solve.